Fire Sprinklers in Tower Blocks and High Rise Flats

High rise installations.

This type of work is most important due to the relatively higher risk for occupants.

Our work sometimes involves installing into buildings completely stripped out for full refurbishment, and then the installation cost is well under 1000.00 for a 2 bed roomed flat.

In retro installs where there is full occupancy the costs of installing sprinklers  will be significantly higher as we need to work around the occupants.

Often people are concerned about disruption and mess, but we usually complete our install within a single flat in one day, and one further day to complete any boxing in to walls where we fit the pipe and sprinkler heads.

Our engineers cover down and clean up after each flat is completed, all in normal working hours with minimal actual disruption to the occupiers.

We do not fit sprinklers into ceilings in live retro fits but use sidewall sprinklers where a single pipe can feed 2 rooms back to back sidewall heads, so only one room has any pipe and boxing in.

With boxing in included, the costs will be around 1600 dependent upon room layouts, water supplies and number of bedrooms.

High Rise Tower Block

High Rise Tower Block in Nottingham undergoing an entire refit in 2017, and fully sprinklered by our company.

See a compendium of medium and high rise sprinkler saves in UK from the National Fire Sprinklers Network (NFSN) 

In all instances the buildings own water supply is almost always adequate to run the sprinkler demand whilst still serving the domestic demand.

Sometimes we need to install our own booster fire pump sets, but often the buildings own pumped supply can deliver our requirements

Water mist systems can take advantage of lower water demand, but conversely can be more expensive, especially the higher pressure water mist options.

 Our Safemist option is a low pressure system that will need its own pump but can share the domestic water storage tanks.



concealed sprinkler head

Concealed Sprinkler Head
(small circle near window)

installing sprinklers

Installing sprinklers

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