Fire Sprinklers for timber framed construction sites

Nationwide Fire Sprinklers provide an automatic temporary site suppression system A-TSSS ( a t triple s) which provides a great solution to the risk of fires getting out of control on timber frame construction sites.

As you progress your construction erection programme, we install and then continually extend the A-TSSS to provide a good level of suppression both generally throughout the building but paying particular attention to the higher risk areas such as perimeter ignition sources both internally and externally

Our suppression system helps to control the fire preventing it overwhelming the building before the emergency services can deploy.

As your construction work progresses we extend the temporary suppression onto each new floor or area adding the detection equipment.
Our sprinkler system can be used in all weather and temperature conditions and can be modified to suit each individual risk.

Our specialist control zones are hired out to the project thus keeping costs down where we can retrieve the equipment for re use on other projects.
The A-TSSS is easily interfaced with the site fire alarm and any remote monitoring facility using our A-TACS.

CALL our specialist senior consultant engineer today for further advice on your individual project to get cost effective fire protection in your timber framed building site.

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