Fire Sprinkler Systems

There are 3 main categories for Sprinkler Systems, each of the these categories has many subdivisions which are laid out for you by following the links below.

residential sprinkler systems
Residential Sprinkler Systems

domestic sprinkler systems
Domestic Sprinkler Systems

commercial sprinkler systems
Commercial Systems

Learn more about Mist Fire Suppression systems which are an emerging technology using less water than conventional sprinklers and are particularly suited to specific end uses.

The requirement for sprinkler systems is usually laid out by the Building Control Officer (BCO). Nationwide Fire Sprinklers can talk with your BCO to ensure that the relevant requirements are met whilst achieving a minimum financial cost.

Quite often this process can save considerable building cost for structural fire protection and is equally important for all 3 types of installation category.

sprinkler systems design

Getting the correct type of sprinkler installation is critical so that correct building standards can be adhered to, insurance companies criteria are met.

Where necessary health & safety & environmental issues need to be adequately catered for.

Nationwide Fire Sprinklers will guide the project through all these areas and keep you informed of progress at all stages.

We therefore aim to reduce stress on the customer in dealing with something that is usually quite new to them.

This kind of working practice also allows the BCO to talk directly to people who understand his requirements but also ensures professional standards are maintained and adhered to by tradesmen working on each sprinkler system project.

We work with the BCO to ensure you get the optimal solution for your installation.

This is absolutely necessary as every Sprinkler System installation is unique in design and context.

To get the best help possible on what type of system you require then contact our engineers for free advice.

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