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More and more customers are installing residential fire sprinkler systems into care homes, nursing homes, houses of multiple occupation and similar projects  where the design of the building can then be modified safely and economically.

For more details of the differences between domestic sprinklers and residential sprinkler systems follow the links.

In Scotland legislation already exists demanding residential fire sprinklers in all new care homes following a serious fire only a few years ago in which 13 occupants died.

We hope that in the future similar legislation will be applied in England and Wales to protect people in residential homes who are most vulnerable to the effects of fire.


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Residential Sprinklers for free in care homes?

ADB (approved document B building regs fire section) tells us in 3.52a that if a sprinkler installation is employed in such premises as a care home /HMO etc. then door closers need not be used on fire doors to bedrooms.

This will save the client around 45.00 per closer and around 20.00 to fit it.

This is just about the same cost
 as the pipe and sprinkler head to the same room.

If closers are not used then the need for more complex devices like automatic fire door retainers such as "Dorgard" which can be  used to prop open doors would also not be required.

This would save an extra 95 +vat + fittings costs per door.

Savings in water Costs

Our residential sprinklers  can save the end users thousands of pounds in water bills over the years by recycling surface water and in residential care homes water usage is a major operational cost we can help to minimise.

Call us for advice on design and installation of our water reclamation system which utilises harvested rainwater and runs the fire sprinkler system.

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