Recycled and Harvested Water Systems

In the current atmosphere of water shortages and rising costs for the provision of water it makes sense to use harvested rainwater storage systems to run certain none potable (drinking quality) water requirements such as lavatory cisterns and washing machines.

We install rainwater harvesting systems which we can easily adapt to incorporate our fire sprinkler systems. Rainwater harvesting is also used for commercial installations as well as domestic and residential applications.

In particular new build rest homes nursing homes where flushing toilets and high use of washing machines use huge amounts of water, and certain “eco friendly” housing schemes benefit greatly by incorporating harvesting systems into the original design to minimise initial installation costs.

By harvesting rain water from the roofs and roadways, paths, patio’s and other hard paved areas a substantial volume of wasted rain water can be used for free saving valuable resources applied to the cleaning and pumping of town mains water for which the end user simply flushes away down the pan having paid for it.

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