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Nationwide Fire Sprinklers fit Sprinkler System in £50m Church Conversion.

The Mail Online featured one of our sprinkler projects – a church conversion where a church round the corner from Harrods was transformed into a £50m home with gym and pool.

Nationwide Fire Sprinklers designed and installed a sprinkler installation to this property to the British Standard BS9251 at a cost of £29,000. The installation work was completed in 3 weeks and as you can see from the photos the sprinkler system is so discreet it is difficult to even see the concealed heads.

Nationwide Fire Sprinklers help protect UK troops.

Nationwide in conjunction with a specialist MOD supplier have completed an urgent commission for a special application for immediate use in a current theatre of war.

Although we cannot say exactly what the commission has been we can say it has connections with fire protection and the safety of UK and NATO forces on a worldwide basis.

The project was short order and a completion within 4 weeks was demanded.

In conjunction with the specialist MOD supplier we achieved the mission requirements and the product has been so well received that the MOD is to roll out a larger order for more of these items.

Nationwide fire is delighted to be involved in this unusual project and to be involved in the welfare and safety of NATO forces.

A spokesperson said “ thanks for delivering on this project so quickly and progressing the work so efficiently. As you know the project was a most urgent requirement for an existing theatre of warfare and our mission has gone extremely well. Your company’s input has greatly contributed to our success and your senior engineer who worked with us was so attentive and proactive. The Ministry are delighted with the product and are placing orders for a much larger run of the product. Our success will be shared with your company as we continue to work together”

Nationwide Fire Sprinklers on the Property Ladder

One of our interesting projects has been a Wesleyan Chapel in the midlands which was being converted to a dwelling. Channel 4’s Property Ladder filmed the development which was  screened in late in 2007.

The client involved us as although the finished building will be two storey the windows being stained glass and fixed units cannot form escape window exits.

So building control suggested fire sprinklers to the developer who was horrified thinking the cost would be about £10,000.

The building team were delighted with our quote of under £3,000 and awarded us the work.

This project shows just one of the many ways fire sprinklers can overcome difficulty in unusual projects.

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Grand Designs use Nationwide Fire Sprinklers

Another project for Nationwide Fire Sprinklers on the TV network!

Our sprinklers were used in the Grand Designs Hi Tech Bungalow, Maidstone.

This client selected us for our professional approach and positive response to the challenge of this unusual building.

Although the online article doesn't actually mention the benefits they achieved by using sprinklers, we can be seen on their list of Suppliers & Service.

There is a website for this project and a reference to Nationwide Fire Sprinklers:-

"Very reasonable and very professional organisation. We had to have sprinklers because of the distance we are from the road - just like we had to have a driveway that was 3.7m wide so that a fire engine can reverse down it in case they came to the wrong house...bizarre but true! We looked at many suppliers as we were keen to have something that was aesthetically pleasing as well as effective. Having read all of the information about the benefits of sprinklers, they seem like the best option if you have the option that you are afforded from a new build. "


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