Fire Protection Sprinklers in Loft Conversions


Our sprinkler control system called A-TACS is now interlinked to our new product A-VENT which allows loft conversions to omit the separation required at first floor landing levels.

Fully controlled by the A-TACS sprinkler system controls the window opens and closes automatically Ė you donít need to do anything at all.
You will be installing a roof light in your new staircase to the loft and we simply install our A-VENT onto your window.

You save all the cost of building a wall and door on the first floor landing which is much more than the A-VENT and you donít have to put up with the hassle of having a door right in the middle of your landing which creates dark awkward spaces.

You can see this in action in our recent sprinkler demonstration.

Read a full report on out smoke travel tests

See Fact Sheet for A-VENT

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Advice for home owners

What Fire Sprinklers can do for you.

  • Sprinklers can reduce the cost of loft conversion by minimising the amount of fire protection materials required in construction.

  • Aesthetically very unobtrusive, sprinkler heads are mounted flush to ceilings.

  • Sprinklers allow the maximum use of large open plan environments.

  • Ease the planning overhead from a regulations point of view; sprinklers have known performance characteristics for dealing with fires.

  • Sprinklers can be installed on a very flexible basis, ranging from just one sprinkler head in an affected room up to all the rooms in the property.

  • Sprinklers can integrate into existing fire alarm panels and Nationwide Fire Sprinklers offers a very low cost annual maintenance and monitoring service.

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fire sprinklers in loft conversions

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What To Do Next?

If you are already converting or thinking about converting your loft to create an additional room then let us help you with your fire sprinkler requirements and in coordination with your building control officer, help make your sprinkler installation as easy as possible.

As you can see Sprinklers can be a superbly adaptive, cost effective solution for dealing with any fire protection requirement - especially loft conversions.

To help you more, here is an outline of points you will require to address in order to help  with Fire Protection Consideration in Loft Conversions

Domestic & Residential Fire Sprinklers Systems
A Building Control Officers Guide

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