A-VENT - Automatic Smoke Vent System

Unique to Nationwide Fire Sprinklers we have developed the A-VENT atrium and stairwell smoke vent system which when linked to the A-TACS sprinkler controls will open the roof light ventilation shortly after sprinkler activation.

 This revolutionary solution has the following features:-

  • Only operates on full activation of sprinklers

  • Auto closes on disarm of sprinklers

  • Auto closes after 20 minutes

  • Restores 90% visibility in around 3 minutes providing safe escape –even from concealed fires not yet extinguished but contained by the sprinklers

  • Removes the requirement for separation of open plan areas from upper floors

  • Saves on construction costs

  • Saves compromising space on upper floor landings

  • Prevents smoke bleeding into bedrooms on upper floors

  • Permits occupants on upper floors to “stay put” for a few moments once they become aware of a fire and then pass safely down the stairwell to the final exit.

  • Suitable for application in any dwelling – smoke logging occurs in bungalows as well as 4 or 5 storey dwellings

AVENT in loft conversions

AVENT in actionOur sprinkler control system called A-TACS is now interlinked to our new product A-VENT which allows loft conversions to omit the separation required at first floor landing levels.

Fully controlled by the A-TACS sprinkler system controls the window opens and closes automatically – you don’t need to do anything at all.
You will be installing a roof light in your new staircase to the loft and we simply install our A-VENT onto your window.

You can save all the cost of building a wall and door on the first floor landing which is much more than the A-VENT and you don’t have to put up with the hassle of having a door right in the middle of your landing which creates dark awkward spaces.

You can see this in action in our recent sprinkler demonstration and you can also read a report on the Smoke Travel Tests pdf reader carried out during the demonstration.

See Fact Sheet for A-VENT

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“Domestic sprinklers, A-TACS & A-VENT have helped us get through building control so easily, it’s such a good idea and has allowed our project to move forward”

Will & Kate, South-West London

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